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Tracey Manders

Memorial created 06-22-2016 by
Tracey Manders
James George Boarer
May 28 1939 - May 17 2015

This memorial is dedicated to those who loved James in life and continue to love him in death! Husband, Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Son, and Friend. Forever missed by all who knew him. Please take a moment to sign the Guest Book so we know you've stopped by.



Our dad was not the man who planted the seed, but lovingly adopted all of us, and tended to the garden in which we all grew. He tilled and toiled in the soil as he watched each one of us bloom and blossom into the people we are today. He nourished the ground beneath us, he made certain our roots were planted firmly, so we might have a place to call home. He loved our mother, unconditionally, as he did our family. Then, Life twisted and turned, and led him away. But before he left, the care he took when he had it to give, left us strong enough to continue to grow and love in his absence.


There was no time to say goodbye

But this I ask – please do not cry

Remember me as you think best

The happy times – forget the rest.

Look for me and I’ll be there

And you will find me everywhere

In the gentle touch of breeze

That cools the skin or swirls the leaves

. In the scent and color of flowers

That gave to me such happy hours

On sunny days under sunny skies of blue

Just think of me, I’ll be with you.

In winter when there’s cloud or mist

The rain will give to you my kiss

As wood smoke lingers in the air

Look for me and I’ll be there

Where seagulls cry above the sea And surf rolls in so endlessly

Among towering trees that soar above

In all these things that i once loved

Look for me and I’ll be there

You’ll feel my presence everywhere


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